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Green Lake Osprey Cam

Green Lake Osprey Cam


Osprey Nature Camera LogoOspreys are magnificent birds, known best for their striking looks and fierce hunting tactics that they employ to catch their favorite meal of live fish. They are extremely adaptable birds, which allows them to survive in a wide range of habitats, although they generally prefer to nest near open water. Once a nest is established, a breeding pair of Ospreys may continue to use the nest throughout their lifetime, with some examples having returned consistently for over 70 years. During the winter season, they migrate south, sometimes as far as South America. The Green Lake Osprey Cam currently monitors an Osprey nest near historic downtown Green Lake. For more information on Ospreys, click here, or post a question in our chat forum.

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This project was made possible through the generous contributions made by the Alliant Energy FoundationGreen Lake School DistrictFusion Studios, the City of Green Lake, and various donations from private individuals. If you would like to support this project and sustain its future as an education and conservation tool, please consider making a donation or becoming a member of the Green Lake Association.