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Partner Support

Partner Support

Like many efforts in Green Lake, lake stewardship groups with different missions often work together to accomplish shared goals. We provide financial support to some of these efforts in order to maximize our community’s resources and make a lasting impact.


Having an accessible, yet environmentally safe location for boaters and lake users to access the downtown is important to us. In 2011, we donated $5,000 to the Deacon Mills Wharf Project. It was important to us to support this project because the creation of the wharf would improve water quality, stabilize shoreline, and improve fish populace and habitat; all of which complement our mission. We’re pleased with the finished results. Learn more about the Deacon Mills Wharf.


This aquatic harvesting program cuts and removes nuisance aquatic plants from Big Green Lake. Such harvesting is done in accordance with a permit from the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources. Managed and sponsored primarily by the Green Lake Sanitary District, The Green Lake Association and the City of Green Lake donates funds to support this project.

Lake Buoys

We help fund the purchase and maintenance of buoys on Big Green Lake. These buoys, place by the Green Lake County Sheriff’s Department, mark navigation lanes and areas dangerous for boating.

Fish Rearing Facility

In December 2006, the Green Lake Sanitary District (GLSD) purchased the Fish Rearing Facility from Green Lake County in order to ensure that fish will remain available for stocking in Big Green Lake, thus protecting sport fishing on the lake. The Green Lake Fish Rearing Facility is maintained by the Green Lake Sanitary District staff, and financial support is given by the partners of the fish rearing facility, including the Green Lake Association, Green Lake County, City of Green Lake, Walleyes for Tomorrow, Wisconsin DNR and local fishing guides. In addition to raising trout and walleyes for many years to come, the fish rearing facility partners work together to educate the public about the fisheries of Big Green Lake. Interested in a tour? Saturday morning tours are sometimes available in the spring and fall. Check out our calendar of events for more detailed information.

View Fish Stocking Data

Green Lake Conservancy Partnership

The Green Lake Conservancy is a community-based non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-deductible land trust that works to preserve, protect and enhance the aesthetic, ecological and recreational qualities of places that make the greater Big Green Lake Watershed special. In order to accomplish their mission, they rely on local partnerships and collaboration with area groups. The Green Lake Conservancy Partnership is an example of such collaboration and includes the Green Lake Conservancy (GLC), the Green Lake Sanitary District (GLSD), the Green Lake Association (GLA), and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR).

Some examples of our role within the partnership include:

Revitalization of Shoreline Vegetation Project (RSVP)

The RSVP is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of native trees, shrubs,grasses, or wetland plants. RSVP encourages the regeneration of shoreland vegetation through educational efforts targeted at property owners and businesses that provide property management services to property owners.

The Revitalization of Shoreland Vegetation Project offers cost sharing funds for 75% of an eligible project’s cost, up to $1000. Additional funding may be available for aquatic plantings.