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2018 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

The Green Lake Association is excited to to share our 2018 Annual Report!
Thank you to everyone who helped us in our mission of a clean Big Green in 2018.
We would like to personally thank and recognize those individuals who continue to go above and beyond in supporting our cause. Your generous financial donations make our conservation and education initiatives possible and help strengthen the impact of the GLA. This list recognizes all donations (excluding membership dues), in-kind gifts, and grants received between January 1 and December 31, 2018.

STREAM SAVER ($10,000+)

Anonymous Donor
Culver/Wilson Household
DeLucenay, Kent and Lee
Gold Eagle
Havey, Mike and Jill /  Havey Communications Inc.
Mecklenburg, Gary and Lynn
Oshkosh Area Community Foundation*
Prent Corporation
Riordan, Michael and Elizabeth
Specht, Jerry and Judy
White, James and Virginia
Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources*

PHOSPHORUS FIGHTER ($5,000-$9,999)

Becton, Dickinson and Company
Blackman, Marc and Joni
Cullen, David and Kathleen
Graham, Bill and Lori
Ryan, Nigella

CARP KILLER ($2,500-$4,999)

Alvord, Brice and Katie
Bice, Karin and Timothy
Caruso, Fred and Mercedes
Culver, Leola
Ejmadm Household
Erickson, Hal and Lydia
Green Lake Sanitary District
Hamming, Bruce and Mary
Martens, Richard and Linda
Matter, Joel
Meiborg, John and Jennifer
Pregont, Joseph and Tina
Siders, Stephen
Sotter, Dean and Carole

AQUATIC WEED WHACKER ($1,000-$2,499)

Avery, Tom and Mary
Bierman, Dan and Debra
Blum, Peter and Joan
Bonte Spath, Mary
Bumby, Mary Jane
Butler, Jeff and Babette
Byers Family Quasi-Endowed Fund
Caestecker, Thomas E.
Diedrich Agency, Inc
Diedrich Jewelers
Diemer, Rich and Cynthia
Fidelity Charitable
Foley, Justin and Erin
Fox, David and Mike
Frey, Mark and Susanne
Fuller, Michael and Suzanne
Gair, Robert and Helen
Grout-Paul, Justus and Lynn
Gundrum, Larry and Victoria
Gysbers Jewelry
Hamilton, Thomas and Karen
Harrington/Caravette Household
Jankowski, Mike and Julie
Kloosterboer, Thomas and Linda
Larson, Guy and Meg
Lehner, Mike and Karen
Lloyd, Dave and Joan
Lofgren, Charles and Mary
Lyke, Tim and Mary
Madden, Sean and Jo Ellen
Mattingly, Jeffrey and Patricia
McClone Insurance
Michelotti, Marc and Clare
Miner, William and Patricia
Nadler, Jay and Yvonne
Outdoor Impact Landscaping, LLC
Pearsall, Hank and Jane
Piernot, Kurt and Jane
Ratos, James and Mary
Regan, Mike and Jean
Shoreline Boat Center
Tranzact Technologies, Inc.
Urban, Marty and Marcia
Wisniewski, Thomas and Mary


Bold, John and Lu Ellen
Burkart, Phil and Linda
Cody, Robert and Melanie
Croghan, John and Rosemary
Curran, William and Pat
DF Foundation Inc
Franzen, Mark and Janice
Green Lake Action Marina
Green Lake County Farm Bureau
Gustavson, Gary and Elaine
Hawley, Mark and Jennifer
Hazelberg, Clay and Audra
Heiser, Ed and Jane
Hess, Mark and Sandra
Hill, Daniel and Fran
Hoffman, Joyce
Jorndt, Louis and Patricia
Kirtley, John and Nancy
Lamers, Don and Sue
Lehner, Robert
Lindsay, Martin and Heidi
Ludington, George and Karen
Marquardt, Lesa
Matter, Cyril and Joyce
McCauley, Tammi
McCotter, Gage and Peggy
Meiborg, Ryan and Loni
Messitte, Zach and Julia
Mulligan, William and Peggy
Oberhelman, Douglas and Diane
O’Keefe, Kevin and Margaret
Petrich, David and Pierre
Reiss, Michael and Sally
Riggs, Jon and Lynn
Roessl, David
Ruark, Michael and Regina
Ryabov/Shevelev Household
Seidel, Ray and Charlene
Sensenbrenner, Peter and Emily
Shadick/Ertmer Household
Special Properties of Green Lake LLC
Stern, Jim and Maureen
Stroebel, Jonathan and Erin
Thompson, Mark and Barbara
Thorsen, Gary and Becky
Trubshaw, James and Jean Ellen
Walker, Charlie and Lauren
Walter, Gerry and Lori
Wickus, Harold and Barbara
Willett, John and Constance
Yeomans, Steven and Brigid

LAKE LOVER ($1-$499)

Albers, Mark and Tanya
Alcorn, Chuck and Judy
Allen, Stephen and Jean
Alliance Bernstein Matching Gift Program
Amazon Smile
Anderson, James and Karin
Anonymous Donor
Armstrong/Cudney Household
Arnetveit, Erik and Amy
Arnetveit, Stan and Kathleen
Avery, Ryan and Rachael
Baird, Lee and Katie
Balthazor, Jane
Banerjee, Chiranjib and Angela
Barrett, Denis
Bartosz, Thomas and Ann
Baryl, Thomas
Bates, Ken and Kim
Baydoun, Ramzi and Margi
Bayer, Tom and Martha
Bayview Landing Ice Cream Parlor
Beilke, Michael and Stephen
Beischel/Zirbel Household
Berens, Todd and Betty
Blake, Ray and Lynette
Boerson, Mat and Danielle
Bowen, Stephen
Brandstetter, Ronald and Patricia
Braner, Brandon
Braun, William David
Brewster, Greg and Tracy
Brummel, Rick and Marcia
Brush, Desiree
Bumby, Christopher and Kay
Burke, John and Mary
Burke, Robert and Prudence
Busse/Drzewiecki Household
Buth/Brunetti Household
Cardinal Haven LLC
Carew, Bob and Crystal
Carne, Mary Ellen
Carpenter, Sally
Century 21 Properties Unlimited
Chamberlain, Joseph and Ann
Chaney, Wayne and Elaine
Chaplin, Cory
Chapman, John and Jane
Chesner, Barbara Rose
Church, William
Clark, Charlie and Lynda
Cler, Joel and Marjorie Kenyon
Clinkman/Blachman Household
Cody, Nancy
Cole, David and Eileen
Cornett/Mischler Household
Corporate Homes
Cournoyer, Bill and Martha
Craig, Judy
Culligan Water Conditioning
Curran, Dan and Mary
Cwik, Mike and Sandy
Cygan, Glenn and Rene
Deblock, Steven and Michele
Deking, Chad and Mary
Dethloff, Christian
Deyo, Dennis
DiG Garden Store
Dillie/Johnson Household
Doepke, Dee
Dolan, Sharon
Donnelley, Nina
Draeger, Margaret
Drake, Kelley and Michelle
Drisner, Robert and Ellen
Dustman, Betsy
E.K. Dean Q.P.R. Trust II
Edward Jones Investments
Egbert, Arthur and Judith
Ehrke, Lance and Susan
Eisenman, Ted and Janice
Elting, John and Kathy
Emmer Real Estate Group Inc
Emmer, Jim and Mary Beth
Erickson, Paul and Diane
Esveld, Hank and Ilse
Falkenrath, Randy
Farrell, Martin
Ferris, Ruth
Finnegan, Tom and Maren
Fishelson, Robert and Cheri
Fisher, Thomas and Martha
Floeter, Brian
Gagne Ford Mercury Inc
Gallops/Vossekuil Household
Gauthier, Michael and Stacy
Gerstein, Helene
Good/Zuege Household
Goode, John and Carla
Goyette, Jim
Graff, Keith and Marisa
Green Lake Suites
Greenway House Bed and Breakfast
Griffin, Tim and Marianne
Gustafson, Judith
Gutierrez, Jorge
Hackett, Patrick and Mardi
Hamman, Frances
Harris, Andrew and Hannah
Hauer, Allen and Janet
Hazelberg, Gary and Desiree
Herbolsheimer, Brad and Lara
Herriot, Lyn-Yellow House Realty
Hickey/Leszkowicz Household
Hintz, Peter and Nancy
Hoeft, John and Bonnie
Hoff, Calvin and Carla
Hoffman, Bob and Anita
Holz, Tom and Laurie
Horicon Bank
House Of Three Bears LLC
Hughes, John and Amanda
Hynes, Nancy
Irvine, Joan
Jacobs, Mark
Jak Real Estate LLC
Jankowski Construction Ltd
Jaystone Terrace Rental Homes
Jene, Bill
Jensen, Boni
Jenz, James and LaVerne
Jillian’s Corner Cottage
Johanson, Martin and Barbara
Johnston, Edith
Jones, Karin
Jorgensen, Herb and Carol
Karau, Kevin and Diane
Karl’s Carpet Cleaning and Flood Restoration
Kauffeld, Jason and Giselle
Kearny, Frank and Kim
Kiley Mitchell, Jessie
Kinas Excavating, Inc.
Kindig-Oguzlu, Sandi
King, Celest
Klarich, Mark and Kyle
Kleinpaste, Robert and Sandra
Knapp/Reas Household
Kobida, Michael and Eileen
Koenig, Jon and Christina
Kohlenberg, Jared and Alexandra
Kremer, Mike and Kathryn
Kuehn, Edward
Kujawski, JoAnne
Kunzweiler, Steven and Kathleen
Lake Street Cottage LLC
Lapcewich, Scott and Kimberly
Laper, Patrick and Kathleen
Larimer, Samuel and Kathleen
Leahy, Bill and Lisa
Lee, Bruce and Laura
Leigh, Phil and June
Lenox, Jack and Christy
Lensing, William and Susan
Leonard, Jay and Tyra
Lesnau, James and Susan
Ligman, Stephen and Sharon
Liston, Todd and Julie
Livermore, Craig and Beverly
Loomer, Norm and Sue
Loos, Jay
Ludington, Robert and Jennifer
Lundstrom, John and Maxine
Lyskanycz/Diakiw Household
Manske, Craig and Susan
Martorano, Andrew and Bernadette
Mathias, Lyle and Julie
McCanna, Peter and Maria
McConnell Inn
McKelvey, Kent and Karen
McLaughlin, William and Sheila
Melan, Mitchell and Suzanna
Miller, Daniel
Miller, Larry and Betsey
Mills, Tom and Barbara
Mittelstadt, Kate
Morell, Sharon
Mueller, Terry and Joann
Nasca, Joseph and Joellyn
Navata, Thomas and Dianne
Neill, Bill and Judy
Nelson, David and Sandra
Netzow, Laurie Zen
Nielsen, Matthew and Mary
Niescier, James and Alison
Nordeen, Christopher
Norton, Douglas and Deborah
Novick, Jay and Miriam
Nowicki, Wayne and Geriann
Olmen, Brian and Jodi
O’Mahoney, Mark and Michelle
Orth, Christopher and Sarah
Paff/Hedrick Household
Panther, Robert and Jane
Paulsen, Judith
Pawlowicz, Gregory and Susan
Peace of Green Lake
Petersen, Michael and Maribeth
Petrowich Household
Pratt, John and Merry
Predick, Paul and Chris
Prellwitz, Andrew and Stephanie
Prellwitz, Gordon and Ann
Ptacek, Elizabeth Ann
Ptacek, Melissa
Pullman, George and Fern
Quinn, Bill and Suzanne
Ramsay, Chris and Catherine
Rasmussen, Marvin and Corinne
Reid, John and Pamela
Reindl, Richard and Carol
Reinert, Richard and Doral
Reiser, James and Robert
Rex, Scott and Terry
Richter, David and Yvonne
Roberts, Clinton and Deborah
Rocks Concrete Services LLC
Roeper, Randy and Tanya
Ropski, John and Susan
Rose, Cheri
Rose, John and Sandra
Roy, Shirley
Rusk/Zdrazilova Household
Ryan, Dennis and Maureen
Ryan, Matthew and Molly
Saecker, John and Jan
Sahr, Dennis
Salas, Rafael and Kate
Sassafras Coffee
Scamehorn, Richard and Sandra
Scannell, Joan E
Schalk, Joanne
Schall, Mark and Celeste
Schatzinger, Henrik and Jolene
Schieffer, Robert and Mary
Schlueter, Tom and Marsha
Schoeneck, Robert and Jo Ann
Schowalter, Steve and Wendy
Schulte, Edward and Margo
Schwacher, Mark and Pauline
Seibel, David and Barbara
Semler, Steven and Kathleen
Seno, William and Christine
Sheridan, Philip and Nancy
Sherman, Scott and Melanee
Shervey, Michael and Sharon
Shinall Household
Shireman, Wayne and Irene
Sias, Michael and Patricia
Simon, John
Simon, John and Gayle
Simon/Ramsey Household
Sjostrom/Mueller Families
Smedema, Gene and Gloria
Smith, Kevin and Susan
Sondalle Law Office, LLC
Sorenson, Steven and Susan
Southshore Terrace Home Owners Assoc Inc
Spinks, Karla
Steffen, Edward
Steinbach, Daniel and Cynthia
Stellmacher, Thomas and Julie
Stetson, Hal and Mary Sue
Streich, Elton and Victoria
Stuart’s Landscaping & Garden Center
Stubbs/Deming Household
Suster, Rip and Sue
Suster/Hernandez Household
Swanson, Bill
Swanson, Dick and Cindy
Swanson, Harold and Marjorie
Swanson, James and Jeannie
Terranova, Phillip and Lauren
Tierney, Jim and Debbie
Tinsman, W. Scott and Barbara
Tishler, Bill and Betsy
Tomfohrde, David and Marilyn
Tyler, Dan and Lauren
Uecker, Alice
United Way Of Metropolitan Chicago
Van Meir, Darlene
Vandervelde, Peter and Nancy
VandeSlunt, Adam and Katie
Vant Hoff, Calvin and Carla
Vertenten, Jim and Dora
Vogel/Passmann Household
Volintine, Carol
Volz, Kathryn
Vourvoulias, James
Wabiszewski, Ed and Mary
Wagner Household
Wallace, Bob and Laurie
Wallace, Peter and Suzanne
Wallenfangs of Green Lake
Wallschlaeger, Charles and Susan
Warner, Dennis and Linda
Warnke, Donald and Christine
Waterhouse, Blake and Audrey
Watson Street Tea & Treats
Wehner, Paul and Karen
Wells, Nancy
Wenzel, John and Margaret
Wesel, Dennis and Sharon
Whalen, William
Wicker, Alan and Marian
Wilkin, Michael and Susan
Wiscomb, Tom and Eloise
Wodka, Joseph and Carol
Wolk, Marie
Wood, Sue
Wright, David and Diane
Yeomans, Angie
Zeratsky, Andrew and Debbie
Zeratsky, Bur and Kelly
Ziemke, Daniel
Zook, Michael and Gretchen