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Aquatic Plant Survey

Aquatic Plant Survey


Green Lake shoreline owners have been invited to participate in an online survey focusing on the interplay between humans and underwater lake plants. This survey was designed by Katrina Gilbank, a UW-Madison master’s student within the Environment and Resources program, who has focused her thesis research on adapting management practices to better suit both lakes and property owners.

Green Lake has been selected as part of her survey because it has previously received a lake management grant or Healthy Lakes grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.Littoral Zone

Within the survey, please consider your actions and opinions in terms of your lake property, specifically for underwater plants only. The diagram to the right details what zone of the lake is being addressed. This study focuses on underwater lake plants within the littoral zone.

This survey asks about your background, attitudes, and opinions. Questions will be asked about your thoughts on underwater plants, invasive species, and general details about your lake. All answers are completely confidential and voluntary, and will not be analyzed individually.

Absolutely no personal data will be collected. This survey is completely anonymous, and no email addresses will be kept. All data from this survey will be analyzed at the group level only. All results will be published based on the aggregate analysis only. Additionally, this survey is completely voluntary, and has no bearing on past or future grants.

This survey is online only and should take less than twenty minutes to complete. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Katrina Gilbank at Thank you.


Aquatic Plant Survey