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Posted on Feb 23, 2017 in Featured |

Let’s Raise a Glass

Let’s Raise a Glass

As a member-funded organization, the Green Lake Association owes a tremendous debt to our main support system—that’s you! In celebration of this and the work being done to preserve Green Lake, we have begun throwing a series of Community Connection Parties hosted by our members. We’re raising a glass to a community that actively cares for the lake!

These neighborhood gatherings were inspired in part by the overwhelming number of Green Lakers wanting to make deeper connections near and around Green Lake. These get-togethers celebrate the connections we share with one another and the ecological jewel that brings us all together—Green Lake!

As a social event, GLA Community Connection Parties are an outlet for neighbors to meet, visit, and rally around the tremendous efforts taking place on Green Lake in the name of water quality.

What’s there to celebrate? The Green Lake Association is doing more than we have ever done before to improve water quality for Green Lake. We’re advancing lake-loving conservation projects, aligning major lake research, and collaborating with the big minds of world-renowned scientists – all with the goal of improving water quality for Big Green. None of this would be possible without our members.

We would love to throw a party with you and are currently looking for interested members to host a get-together in their Green Lake home and/or primary residence in 2017.

As a host, you provide the event location, snacks and beverages for guests.  The Green Lake Association is here to make it as easy as possible!  We will work with you to develop an invitation list, create and mail invitations to your neighbors, and attend to answer any lake-related questions your guests may have.

Thanks to Kate Mittelstadt, Kent and Lee DeLucenay, Boni Jensen, and Art and Carol Ogren who have hosted a Community Connection Party last year.

You could be next! If you are interested in hosting a Community Connection Party with us, please contact us at or (920)294-6480 with a list of dates that work for you!

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