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Posted on Apr 15, 2014 in Uncategorized |

Lake Trout Stocking

Lake Trout Stocking

One may say that Green Lake is famous for its Lake Trout, with many fireside stories arising from the past about “the one that got away” or outstretched arms to depict the size of a prize catch.

However, one story that isn’t often told is the story about the tremendous work that has been done to support and maintain the health and vitality of Green Lake’s Lake Trout. Thanks to the Green Lake Sanitary District (GLSD) and supporting organizations, such as the Green Lake Association (GLA), Lake Trout are successfully raised and stocked every year.

Without this support, the health and size of Lake Trout populations in Green Lake would rapidly decline, removing an important and historic aspect of Green Lake. As part of the Green Lake Association’s mission to support recreational opportunities in Green Lake, our financial resources help support programs such as this so that future generations can have their own great fishing tales.

Check out this video of the Green Lake Sanitary District stocking over 25,000 Lake Trout into the cold April waters of Green Lake. If you’re not already, consider becoming a member of the Green Lake Association to support this and other conservation projects throughout the Green Lake Watershed!