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Posted on Mar 25, 2016 in Featured |

Green Lake Association Receives Grant to Seek Farmer Input

Green Lake Association Receives Grant to Seek Farmer Input

GREEN LAKE– The Green Lake Association was recently awarded a $10,000 lake management planning grant from the Department of Natural Resources to conduct a survey of agricultural producers within the Green Lake area.  The grant is supported by financial contributions from the Green Lake Association and the Green Lake Sanitary District.

The survey will be developed in partnership with Aaron Thompson from University of Wisconsin-Extension and is scheduled to be conducted in the fall of 2016.  The voluntary assessment seeks to better understand agricultural producers’ land management decisions and to seek input for solutions that collectively benefit crops, soil health, and downstream water resources.

Paul Gunderson, Green Lake County Conservationist, works with the Green Lake Association on the Lake Management Planning team and is in support of the project.  “The best way to get conservation on the land is to work together with the farmers. Their input and knowledge guides us to find solutions that reach the same goals. In fact, knowing what they are doing or would be willing to do to conserve soil is a starting point in all our conversations,” said Gunderson.

The project was motivated in-part through the Green Lake Association’s participation as a member of the Agency-Farmer Interface Coalition, a UW-Extension-led effort that promotes interactions among farmers and various county, state and federal agencies to foster cooperative development and implementation of effective nutrient management and conservation programs.

“Many farmers within the Green Lake watershed are actively implementing conservation programs that benefit soil and water quality,” said Stephanie Prellwitz, Executive Director of the Green Lake Association.  “This is an opportunity to solicit input from the agricultural community – in many cases, those who know the land best – about the best ways to build on those positive efforts to benefit land and water resources.”

Results of the survey will be used as the foundation of future programs and potential incentives to increase the adoption of conservation practices in the Green Lake area.  These programs will be incorporated into the Lake Management Plan for Green Lake, a document that guides watershed management to improve water quality for Big Green Lake.

The Green Lake Association is a nonprofit, member-funded organization with a mission to improve water quality for Big Green Lake.  For more information, visit or call (920) 294-6480.