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Green Lake Watershed Farmer Spotlight Video

Green Lake Watershed Farmer Spotlight Video

Make Reservation

Landowners in the Green Lake area have a lot to be proud of. That is what a multi-organizational group representing farmers, shoreline owners and the public highlighted at a free Conservation Field Day on Saturday, August 26 in Ripon, Wisconsin.

In just five years, landowners in the Green Lake watershed, a 107 square mile area that drains to the deepest natural lake in the state, have installed over $1.8 million in various best management practices like retention ponds, cover crops, grassed waterways and buffers.

These best management practices play a critical role in absorbing and preventing nutrients from entering Green Lake and other local waterways, where it can degrade water quality. Yet, as important as these conservation practices are, they often go unnoticed and underappreciated by the untrained eye.

The Green Lake Watershed Farmer Spotlight Video highlights the diverse world of best management practices and the landowners who use them. Enjoy!