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Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts

Contributions made in honor of a family member or friend is a lasting way to preserve their life while also helping take care of our lake. Examples of how others have honored their loved ones include:

Hammers Trail Dedication 005Hammer’s Trail

Generous memorial donors and lake partner organizations helped build a trail in memory of Brian Hamming. Brian spent many hours over several years of his short life working in the marshes and waters of Norwegian Bay. The Hamming family believed that a trail in his name was a fitting remembrance to a wonderful young man whose many voluntary contributions and overall love for Green Lake had an everlasting impact on the lake that means so much to so many people. A trail in his memory also serves as an inspiration to others that people can accomplish great things when they are willing to dedicate their time and talents to things they truly love.

stevewoodbod (2)Steve Wood Memorial

Steve Wood was a long-time GLA board member. He was passionate about conserving the lake and enjoyed spending time boating, fishing, and “listening to the lake and watching the stars on a warm, clear night.” Steve shared with members, community residents, and friends the importance of Green Lake. He believed that Green Lake is a unique and irreplaceable natural resource and that all property owners and lake users have personal responsibilities to preserve its integrity. Steve’s family used his memorial funds to support our virtual watershed tour.

Call our office (920) 294-6480 and speak with Executive Director, Stephanie Prellwitz, to learn more about memorial gifts.