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Earth Day at Avalon Creek Farm (RESCHEDULED)

Earth Day at Avalon Creek Farm (RESCHEDULED)

*Due to weather conditions, the stream restoration presentation and tree planting effort at Avalon Creek Farm has been rescheduled to Saturday, April 28 from 1-3 PM. Please confirm, cancel or make reservations by contacting the Green Lake Association at or by calling (920) 294-6480, Monday-Friday between 9 AM – 5 PM.

In celebration of Earth Day, conservationists and booklovers alike are encouraged to attend a stream restoration presentation and stream planting effort on Saturday, April 28 from 1-3 PM at Avalon Creek Farm (ACF). This unique property is known for its slurry tank that was turned into a used bookstore with a castle exterior.

From 1:00-1:30 PM at the castle bookstore, Derek Kavanaugh from the Green Lake County Land Conservation Department will present about the 6,000-foot stream restoration that took place on the property in 2017. Beginning at 1:30 PM, volunteers will complete the final step in the restoration process by planting trees.

While ACF’s stream upgrade began just six months ago, the property has a long history of conservation rooted in the land ethic of its former owners, Lloyd and Leonore Dickmann. Together, the late couple ran the used castle bookstore and managed the adjoining property with a dedication to sustainable land practices.

In 2008, however, a major storm and catastrophic flooding heavily damaged the stream that flows through the property. This particular tributary connects to Hill Creek and eventually joins Green Lake. The Dickmann’s family made the decision to restore the degraded stream last fall in honor of Lloyd and Leonore’s stewardship of the land.

“We wanted to do this not only for Leonore and Lloyd’s legacy, but so that this property can be enjoyed by as many people as possible,” explained Lynne Goldsmith, co-property manager of ACF.

Volunteers will be greeted by a plaque honoring Lloyd and Leonore’s legacy on this unique property.

The stream restoration was a partner project made possible by the efforts of the Green Lake County Land Conservation Department, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Green Lake Sanitary District, Department of Natural Resources, Outdoor Impact, Green Lake Association members and current property managers, Lynne and Brad Goldsmith.

Degraded and eroding streambanks can transport excessive nutrients, like phosphorus, downstream. Once in Big Green Lake, the nutrients fuel the growth of weeds and algae. This “greening” of Green Lake, however, is more than an aesthetic nuisance. The lake’s phosphorus-fueled weeds and algae excessively grow and then naturally decompose in the lake in a nutrient-driven process that consumes oxygen. A lack of oxygen in the lake can cause “dead zones” and can make it challenging for aquatic life to survive.

Now, the restored stream serves as a healthy system that reduces nutrient-rich sediment transport to Big Green Lake. In fact, the ACF stream restoration has diverted approximately 300 pounds of phosphorus from the lake. Since one pound of phosphorus can stimulate the growth of 500 pounds of weeds and algae, this project has prevented the growth of 150,000 pounds of weeds and algae in Green Lake.

The team is eager to complete the project by planting a variety of trees to help further stabilize the sediment, shade the stream and naturally filter nutrients like phosphorus.

Those interested in learning about stream restoration or participating in transforming a once vulnerable stream are encouraged to attend.

Interested in attending the Earth Day celebration? Walk-ins are welcome, but participants are encouraged to contact the Green Lake Association prior to attending (Monday-Friday between 9 AM-5 PM at (920) 294-6480 or at

Volunteers are asked to bring a shovel or tree spade and working gloves for the planting, if handy.

Avalon Creek Farm, LLC is located on the south side of Green Lake at W1774 Co Rd K, Markesan, WI 53946.