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Pillar Project Support

The Green Lake Association is working to mobilize local producers, battle harmful pollutants and defend Big Green’s waters against invasive species.




  • Bring back the brookies to Dakin Creek: Brook trout were last seen on Dakin Creek in the 1950s. Since then, the degraded stream has not been able to support a healthy habitat. The GLA is “bringing back the brookies” as an indicator for improved water quality by restoring Dakin Creek so that it can sustain a brook trout population not seen for over 60 years.
  • Uncover legacy nutrients: Years of eroded sediment can stay trapped in local streams as “legacy nutrients,” delaying water quality progress by decades. The GLA is sponsoring legacy phosphorus research with the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies to identify how to tackle this potential source of lake degradation.


  • Implement a demo farm: The GLA will create a network of demonstration farms to highlight how reduced tillage, cover crops and other soil-improving practices are good for Green Lake and good for local farms. These living laboratories will be the site of field trips and field days so that the community can learn from stewards of the land who are also stewards of the lake.
  • Support future farmers: The GLA will arm future farmers with resources and champions to navigate the risks inherent to agriculture. The organization is creating a scholarship fund to underwrite various educational conferences. This ensures that the next generation can learn about agricultural practices that jointly benefit a farm’s bottom line and protect nearby streams, rivers and lakes.
  • Host a Green Lake Conservation Field Day: The GLA will continue co-hosting the Green Lake Area Conservation Field Day with its partners. This unique event displays conservation practices to farmers, landowners and the public alike.


  • Install two boat wash stations: The introduction of zebra mussels in Big Green Lake in 2005 permanently altered the lake’s ecology and users’ recreational experience. The GLA will install two boat-washing stations at select public boat launches to prevent further infestation of other invasive species.
  • Continue carp removal efforts: One mature, female carp can lay up to one million eggs annually. The GLA will continue to cost-share carp removal to prevent dead “floater carp” and to protect vulnerable wetlands that are harmed by their spawning activity.

A big THANK YOU to the many generous gala guests who pledged their support for our lake loving initiatives: Project Clean Streams, Project Green Acres and Project Invader Defense. Whether or not you were able to attend the event, please consider supporting our 2018 initiatives to restore Green Lake’s water quality. Thank you.