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Posted on Sep 25, 2013 in Other Stuff, Uncategorized, Watershed Education |

“Do Not Dump” Campaign

“Do Not Dump” Campaign

Attention: Due to inclement weather forecasts for Thursday and Friday, this event has been cancelled. We are currently working on a rescheduled date. Check back at a later date, or sign up for our e-blasts to receive email notifications of updates, and other upcoming opportunities.

Did you know that the water that flows from your roof gutter, through your lawn, and into the street, may be eventually deposited into a storm sewer system where it eventually flows into a lake or nearby water body?

Most individuals are unaware of the direct impact they have on areas that are distant from their local area. When it comes to surface runoff and water pollution, little issues can affect a large area.  In the case of Ripon, WI, the entirety of surface runoff from the city and surrounding area drains right into Green Lake.

Surface run-off and drainage from Ripon and surrounding area enters Silver Creek, which leads to Green Lake.

Surface run-off and drainage from Ripon and surrounding area enters Silver Creek, which drains to Green Lake.

The Green Lake Association, in partnership with the Ripon Area High School, the League of Women Voters, and the Center for Social Responsibility at Ripon College, are campaigning to spread awareness of the environmental impact local residents have upon Green Lake. Students from Ripon High School, along with community members and Ripon College students, will be applying placards next to rain gutters that state “Do Not Dump, Drains to Lake.”

The placards will provoke individuals to consider where their drainage and surface runoff water goes to, and realize the sizable impact that their actions have upon the environment. The placards will remain a part of the community for years to come, and instill proactive stewardship for the environment. In addition, students will learn more about engaging the community to make sizable differences that will benefit countless individuals, not to mention the wildlife that is dependent on the health of the Green Lake Watershed.