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There’s always something to do in Green Lake! Whether you’re looking for a scenic bike trail or kayak launching point, these helpful maps highlight Green Lake’s favorite natural areas and the roads that will take you there!

Stream Bugs and Monitoring Tour at Dakin Creek
Jun 1 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Stream Bugs and Monitoring at Dakin Creek

Ever wonder what classifies a stream as healthy or unhealthy? Or what impact our streams have on larger bodies of water like Big Green Lake? Join the Green Team on this stream tour and use your detective skills to discover the answers for yourself through a hands-on exploration fit for all ages!

Learn about stream health through a sampling session with Tom Wagner on Dakin Creek. This tour will include an exploration of the creepy crawly critters that live in streams and tell us a thing or two about stream health.


Participants should wear hip waders or knee-high boots if planning to go in stream. Otherwise, wear sturdy hiking shoes.


Participants should park on Maug Road, near the intersection of Skunk Hollow Road, on the east side of Green Lake.