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Posted on Apr 1, 2018 in Uncategorized |

Fall Tips!

Most people don’t know that leaves are such a problem for our lakes this time of year. The trouble is, leaves naturally contain phosphorus, a nutrient that wreaks havoc on our waterways by stimulating excessive weed growth.

leaves05With a bit of rain, leaves quickly begin breaking down and leaching nutrients. This mixture of rain water and phosphorus can then travel directly to a storm sewer that leads directly to our lakes.


But there are ways YOU can make a difference and help stop seasonal nutrient loading to Green Lake this fall!

  • Rake leaves out of the street and away from gutters

  • Never rake leaves into the lake

  • Use a lawn mower to mulch leaves

  • Add leaves to a compost pile

  • Speak to your lawn service provider about these practices

Remember that one pound of phosphorus can fuel the growth of 500 pounds of algae in our lakes. With that in mind, every leaf counts!