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Posted on Dec 18, 2018 in Featured |

Balsam For Brookies

Balsam For Brookies

Before you chuck your live Christmas tree to the curb, think again!The Green Lake Association is seeking BALSAM FOR BROOKIES, live Christmas trees re-purposed to restore Dakin Creek and improve water quality in Green Lake.

December 26 – January 17

Are you a City of Green Lake resident?
Leave on the curb and we will collect from the City.

Want to participate regardless of location?
Drop off on the back (north) side of Town Square, 492 Hill St, Green Lake.

Keep in mind a few tree restrictions

  • No artificial trees
  • No tinsel
  • No dyed or painted trees

What do brook trout have to do with it? When our stream restoration project is complete next year, we will work with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to restock brook trout, a native fish species that indicates clean water, not seen on Dakin Creek since the 1950s.

What do Christmas trees have to do with it? Pine trees are useful in stream restoration projects for stabilizing stream banks. This is an inexpensive, effective way of stopping stream bank erosion. The trees slow the current along the eroding bank. This decreases erosion and eventually forms a new bed where healthy vegetation can grow as part of a newly stabilized stream bank.

As an added benefit, pine trees provide excellent fish cover — think of them as brook trout hotels!

How Your Tree Helps

Due to increased flooding and more severe storms, local streams have seen increased erosion creating over-wide channels and slow, shallow flows – degraded habitat for trout and other aquatic life.
New banks can be formed by anchoring pine trees into the eroded rover channel in crescent patterns. Thick branches slow the current along the bank and trap and collect sediment and debris.
Eventually, this sediment builds up to form new banks.The stream holds more bends, and develops better habitat. This new channel is also more resilient to flooding and improves the streams’s ability to properly flow.