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Employment and Internships

Employment and Internships

Full Time Employment

The Green Lake Association is looking to hire a full-time Development Manager to join our growing team. Interested applicants can email their resume to Alison Niescier, Project Manager, at

We’re Hiring!


The Green Lake Association offers internships to current undergraduate and graduate students. Internships follow three cycles: fall, spring or summer. However, to maximize the internship experience, we prefer hiring students that are willing to commit to a full year internship. Start and end dates are flexible although typically our fall internships begin in September, spring internships begin in January, and summer internships in June.

A minimum of six hours per week is required for all cycles. Fall and spring internships also require a minimum duration of three months. Internships are unpaid; however, students may earn academic credit and possibly a stipend pending current circumstances. To inquire about an internship, email us at