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Stream Flow & Water Quality Monitoring

Stream Flow & Water Quality Monitoring


Government Monitoring Programs

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) conducts an annual stream flow and water quality monitoring program for Green Lake. The annual cost of the program is shared between the USGS and the Green Lake Sanitary District (GLSD), and the program monitors the following parameters: daily stream flow, total phosphorus, suspended sediment, dissolved phosphorus concentration, temperature, and PH.

Data collected through USGS can be found here.


Citizen Science Programs

As part of the Citizen Lake Monitoring Network volunteers contribute to a well-established database of information used for making management decisions about water resources. For example, volunteer Mary Jane Bumby measures water clarity for Big Green Lake using the Secchi Disk method as an indicator of water quality. This information is then recorded in the WDNR’s Surface Water Integrated Monitoring System (SWIMS) database, which helps determine the lake’s trophic state.

You can access SWIMS by clicking here, setting up an account, and joining thousands of individuals throughout Wisconsin who contribute to the Citizen Lake Monitoring Network.


Other Programs

The Green Lake County Land Conservation Department (GLCLCD) also offers volunteer opportunities for more intensive monitoring. Interested in volunteering? Call GLCLCD at (920) 294-4057.