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State of the Upper Fox River Basin (2001)

State of the Upper Fox River Basin (2001)

In 2001, the Upper Fox River Basin Team and its partners developed a report which identified conditions, issues, and work priorities for the entire basin. The report also identified specific issues for Big Green Lake and its tributaries. They included:

  • increased pressure for more piers and docks
  • increasing shoreland development pressure
  • inconsistent land management decisions
  • continued nonpoint source pollution concerns, particularly from Silver Creek
  • aquatic plant management needed
  • carp control needed
  • shallow water habitat restoration in County Park Marsh and the Silver Creek estuary
  • relatively poor understanding of lake hydrology dynamics, nutrient history, and long term trends, and
  • state and local management units need to focus on building partnerships, establishing goals, identifying issues, and defining strategies to address water resources related problems.

Read information about Big Green Lake Watershed on page 78 of the report.