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Posted on Jan 13, 2014 in Watershed Education |

A Beer for Better Lakes

A Beer for Better Lakes

What if someone told you that by consuming beer, you were effectively helping to save lakes from aquatic invasive species (AIS)? If that statement sounds improbable, you probably haven’t discovered Tonka Beer Company.

Tonka Beer is a Minnesota craft brewing company that dedicates the entirety of their profits to Save Our Lakes™, a foundation committed to funding research and initiatives that combat the spread of zebra mussels, eurasian water milfoil, and other invasive species. Unfortunately, Tonka Beer is not available in Wisconsin, and proceeds do not directly support initiatives in Wisconsin.

Tonka Beer Company donates all profits to fund research and initiatives against aquatic invasive species.

However, since aquatic invasive species is not a problem that is limited to only Wisconsin lakes, improving conditions in Minnesota can have a positive impact on conditions here. The research that is supported by Tonka Beer is conducted through the University of Minnesota’s Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center, and developments there could lead to solutions for the management of AIS.

Tonka Beer Company also has some connections close to home. Ryan Johnson is one of three partners who established Tonka Beer, and is a 1997 Ripon College alumnus. You can read more about him and the establishment of Tonka Beer Company here.

Perhaps it is only a matter of time before a Wisconsin brewing company steps up with the mission to save our lakes… what better way could there be to enjoy making a difference?