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2018 Membership Campaign

2018 Membership Campaign

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It is clear you love Green Lake, but you may wonder: What exactly does the Green Lake Association do for me? (The answer: A lot!) Whether you realize it or not, you are benefitting from the ambitious efforts of the Green Lake Association. Because of our growing membership, last year we:

  • Removed 170,000 pounds of carp from Big Green. The waves of stinky, floater carp did not just disappear last summer. Rather, the Green Lake Association worked with our partners to haul five semi-truckloads of these nuisance fish out of the lake. Your membership would allow us to repeat this annually to prevent another “Carpageddon” like we saw in 2016.
  • Restored over 6,000 feet of stream. Our landscape is scattered with degraded streams whose constant erosion fuels lake weed growth. Last year, the Green Lake Association put forth a cash match to cover the entire cost of a mile-long stream restoration on the south side of the lake. This one project averts 300 pounds of phosphorus from Big Green and prevents the growth of 150,000 pounds of weeds. Yet, there are still over 56,000 feet of stream that are in need of repair and your membership would allow us to get to work!
  • Contacted nearly 500 landowners in the watershed to reduce the agricultural footprint on the lake. The Green Lake Association joined forces with other organizations to host a Conservation Field Day to promote win-win strategies that are good for crop yields and good for the lake. Your membership woud allow us to put every acre to use with land management practices that benefit Green Lake’s downstream water quality.
  • Installed lake buoys as part of critical water quality research. The Green Lake Association is working closely with experts at the University of Wisconsin, U.S. Geological Survey and Michigan Tech to develop a science-based conservation plan to improve water quality, driven by two new continuously monitoring lake buoys. Green Lake is a complex lake with complex challenges, and this research study is critical to advance our understanding. Your Green Lake Association membership would help bring the brightest brainpower available to our shores.

As a member-funded organization, the pace we complete our ambitious plans is limited only by our membership. For just $80, your tax-deductible contribution as a Green Lake Association member directly supports bold initiatives to improve water quality.

The Green Lake Association is a not-for-profit, member-funded organization whose entire mission is focused on improving water quality for our incredible lake. Become a Green Lake Association member today so that our economy, our community and our families can benefit from a revitalized lake tomorrow.

Legacy membership sign-up:

The Green Lake Association recognizes that lake life is a family affair. New this year, GLA members can give the gift of one year of free membership to up to two family members who want to stay in-the-know about all things Green Lake.

These Legacy Members will receive our Times & Tides newsletter, Annual Report/Directory, event invitations and e-blasts. Grow the next generation of lake lovers who care for Big Green!

*Email us at to sign up two family members for a one-year complimentary membership. Please include name, mailing address, phone and email.

Please give today in one of three easy ways:

  1. Mail it in. Send your donation to our office at PO Box 364, Green Lake, WI 54941.
  2. Give us a call. Call our office anytime M-F, 9AM-5PM at (920) 294-6480.
  3. Go online. Donate online via credit card at
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