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2018 Leadership Campaign

2018 Leadership Campaign

Give Today!

A vast network of 120 miles of stream flow to Green Lake.

In 2013, the GLA and our lake management partners found 11 miles of eroding streams that are polluting the lake with phosphorus. If left unchecked, excessive phosphorus loading will cause toxic blue-green algae blooms that close beaches, diminish our fisheries, and increase nuisance weeds.

In 2008, a historic flood took its toll across the Green Lake landscape. At Avalon Creek Farm, the storm washed out portions of stream, tore out trees, and eroded deep vertical stream banks. Thanks to GLA donors, volunteers and lake management partners one mile of stream was repaired in 2018, making it the longest stream restoration project to date.

This year, Rachel Johnson, a UW-Madison graduate student doing research in the Green Lake watershed, tipped us off on some major erosion problems on Roy Creek. The GLA sent a team to investigate and found sections of stream eroded over our heads. These areas did not appear in the original stream inventory, meaning they formed in the past five years.

Green Lake’s remaining sections of actively eroding streams are dumping phosphorus into the lake and fertilizing our nuisance weed problems. The GLA needs your help to restore the remaining 10 miles of degraded stream and repair those sections that will erode in future storms.

You make our work to restore Green Lake possible! As someone who wants a healthier and cleaner, swimmable and fishable lake, we invite you to make an investment today in a restored Green Lake. We urgently require substantial resources to expand and build upon these crucial efforts. As a not-for-profit organization focused on improving Green Lake’s water quality, the GLA relies on your generous support to take this essential work to the next level.

Are you committed to a clean Green Lake? Will you help restore Green Lake’s remaining degraded streams to improve Big Green’s water quality?

Please give today in one of three easy ways:

  1. Mail it in. Send your donation to our office at PO Box 364, Green Lake, WI 54941.
  2. Give us a call. Call our office anytime M-F, 9AM-5PM at (920) 294-6480.
  3. Go online. Donate online via credit card at
Give Today!